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Madoff: the silver lining

Heh. As both my loyal readers know, the ACLU has pissed me off lately because of their inane response to the Heller decision. Consequently, every time they remind me that my dues are due, I patiently reply that the national chapter won't receive any further monies from me unless and until they revisit their nonsensical position on the Second Amendment in light of recent Supreme Court decisions. They never respond, of course, except to ask again for more money.

Anyway, the latest solicitation I received from them was kind of lol in a schadenfreude kind of way (a little Spanish lingo there.) The tone of the e-mail was desperately urgent, as it seems the ACLU is currently $850k worse off than they thought. Because of the Madoff ponzi scheme, almost a million dollars that they had been counting on simply isn't there.

I wonder if their current financial straits will be enough to induce them to try to tap into that enormous pool of pro-gun cash that keeps the NRA so extraordinarily well funded? Eh, probably not, but their e-mail made me giggle anyway. Hee hee.


WoW! The ACLU dropped a Mil in the Madoff scam?

Too bad it wasn't more.

I guess this means that Bernie can't count on a vigorous "ACLU defense" on this one.

I'm sure that's a real heartbreaker for Bernie Madoff.

And now there are all those stories coming out about people who actually made money with his scheme since they got in early enough and they don't know if they're supposed to just keep quiet and hope no one notices or to pay it back or try and get a claim in for their initial investment anyway...Strange.

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