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The health nazi strikes again. Do we really want a third term for this guy?


Not only THAT, but did you know that when Mayor Mike took over, the average cost of a New York City worker was $68,000/year (incl health and pension benefits, etc), today that average is up over $107,000/year!

The average cop costs NYC $168,700/year (incl health, pension, OT, etc) and the average Firefighter costs NYC $186,400/year.

Who ever said "the private sector didn't share the wealth with the public sector?"

We NEED a stronger priavte sector, greater income disparity and MORE tax breaks for businesses, so that this bloated public sector can thrive!

Watch it, Barry, or Mayor Bloomberg is going to send you to your room.

Barry, you may not recall but you and I have discussed this scenario via the phone.

As a pipe smoker, I recall how eagerly most NYers seem to be to enlist in Bloomberg's anti-smoking campaign. I predicted to you (and to others) that when do-gooders get their foot in the proverbial door, you find it hard to stop them from leaning more and more into that door.

Next? I'll guess that it will be a limit on the number of adult beverages one may consume in a NYC restaurant or bar.

For those who may be sniggering, understand that I predicted the fat limitation several years before its implementation.

Nanny-staters don't need approval to implement change, merely the power to do so.

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