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Mesage to Rush

The DNC is soliciting messages to Rush Limbaugh (along with monetary contributions, evidently.) I've suggested

Congrats on having your flagging career resuscitated by the White House!

Think I'll win?

(H/T: some pinch hitter at B@B)


Good one, although I don't think the DNC wants to acknowledge that a Democratic administration has wittingly or not boosted Limbaugh's ratings.

ALL commercial broadcasts SHOULD be ratings driven.

I LIKE the fact that the WSJ is doing well in NY, while the NY Times is teetering on bankruptcy...the people are clearly voicing their opinions.

Ratings work. They are a clear example of economic democracy (the MARKET)...good/useful products are rewarded and poorer quality ones (in the eyes of the consumer) are not.

What can be more "fair" than that?

Unfortunately, JMK is just repeating the Big Lie that talk radio is 100% ratings driven.

Talk radio is AGENDA driven. Popular lefty shows are simply canceled, refused, and given worthless time slots -- DESPITE their ratings.

To imagine that creeps like Rupert Murdoch don't have an agenda, and aren't using their billions to propagandize the "Rich People Work Hard and Deserve Their Wealth" bullshit while demonizing the poor (that's right, queer Barny Frank and poor black people living in McMansions caused the collapse, not the rich stealing and glutting like wild hogs!).

Buying up radio, merging, controlling, and only allowing propaganda to be distributed had not a thing to do with ratings or profit, and everything to do with swaying the mindless masses into voting against their own interests.

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