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What's wrong with this picture?

A New York City doctor has come up with an inventive plan to treat uninsured patients for a nominal monthly fee. So what does the state do? Try to shut him down, of course!


I can understand where the argument is coming from, to a certain extent, however, this does seem to be protecting the insurance companies at the expense of the people. Hopefully, it gets resolved quickly. That kind of innovation should be rewarded, not shut down.

The State's argument is as it SHOULD BE, it is protecting the large insurers at the expense of the people.

That's what ALL governments do.

THAT'S what they're designed to do.

Hating a government (ANY government) for oppressing, repressing and harming the people) is as absurd as blaming a poisonous snake for biting people....it's what BOTH were DESIGNED to do!

THIS, says it all, "A possible solution that Muney's lawyer crafted would force patients to pay more than $10 for unplanned procedures.

"They are waiting to see if the state will accept the compromise. Still, Muney is unhappy because, he said, “I really don't want to charge more. They're forcing me.” "

The people involved certainly know what's up. Matthew Robinson, 52, a patient of Dr. Muney's said, “The whole point is, he [Muney] found a way of paying his rent, paying his workers, and getting to see patients for the price, how can the state dictate you've got to charge more?”

Because they're not looking out for YOU (Mr. Robinson), they're looking out for the large insurance companies who pay their Bills!

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