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February 18, 2008

Just words

I'm sure that by now everyone's seen this video in which Barack Obama supposedly plagiarized Deval Patrick. Do you know what I find fascinating about this video? It's not the alleged purloined words, but the fact that they're so much more compelling and inspiring when delivered by Patrick than by Obama, who's supposedly the Cicero of our times. Forget the plagiarism issue and just watch the video and tell me that Obama doesn't come out looking wan and lackluster in this side-by-side comparison.

February 11, 2008

I'm not dead

Just busy. I'll be back with a proper treatment of the recent development in the primaries soon.

February 08, 2008

PETA is weird

What the hell is wrong with PETA? I am so disappointed in them. And believe me, that's a damned ironic thing for me to say. I usually don't expect much from them other than arrant foolishness, but the one thing I thought I could count on them for was to vigorously and aggressively advocate for the lives and wellbeing of, well, you know, animals and things.

But then Soobee sends me this gem of a news item in which PETA battled (and lost, fortunately) with dog rescue groups to have Michael Vick's pit bulls euthanized. Yes, you read that correctly.

So have to ask, what good is PETA, other than an occasional source of unintentional entertainment?

February 06, 2008

This made me lol

Check out this explanation of why Romney lost last night.

People don't like him because he is richer, smarter, better-looking and more successful than they are, and so much so, that it is impossible for him to camouflage the difference. Oh, they will make claims such as religion or flip flops, but it's all hogwash.

I'm glad to know Mitt's Minions are capable of such brutally honest and unsparing introspection.

February 05, 2008

Identity politics at home

My black lab Zora is wondering what to do tonight. On the one hand, she's black, and likes Obama, but on the other, she's a girl, so she likes Hillary. And yet she likes John McCain because she's been in prison. What's a girl to do?

McCain Derangement Syndrome reaches a new low

Okay, I will not even link to this. I effing refuse. But I've just read right-wing criticism of John McCain that focused on two points.

  1. He was "pampered" in that North Vietnamese prison cell because his father was an admiral.
  2. His refusal to be released and leave his men behind violated his sworn duty as a soldier to seek escape if at all possible.

You sad, pathetic, knuckle-dragging idiots. Do you really want to go to war against McCain with this? If John McCain really violated his oath as a soldier, do you believe for one second that it's somehow a mark against his character, or will hurt him in his campaign?

What the blue f*ck is wrong with you people? I don't even know you! I'm also hearing "conservative" slams against McCain for "pulling strings" in order to get him into Vietnam. Not out of it, but into it. For God's sake, what kind of Republicans are you?

Super Duper Tuesday

Heh, I hope y'all are having as much fun as I am. Listening to right-wing radio hosts having a total meltdown over John McCain is making this one of the funnest days of my life. Mark Levin's voice is actually cracking (heh.) More later when we know more.

February 02, 2008

NR unglued

I've read National Review on and off for a quarter century or so (yes, I'm old.) During that time, of course, the conservative movement has faced a lot of disappointing results in both primaries and general elections, but they've always handled it like adults. Maybe it's just the nature of the blogosphere, but I really feel like they could use an infusion of adults over there. The incessant namecalling and endless vituperation against John McCain is something I've never seen any candidate endure at the hands of the NR masthead. Then there's just shrill hysteria such as this:

Governor Romney, you've got money ... use it! Governor Huckabee, please go! Now.

If your plan for victory includes begging a guy like Mike Huckabee to voluntarily bow out to clear the way for your guy, you've got real problems. Unfortunately for K-Lo and friends, however, this poll (warning: PDF) shows a five-point boost for McCain if Huckabee were to bow out. I'm beginning to think it's all over but the crying.

To be fair, I feel NR's pain. They're probably every bit as dispirited and demoralized as I was in 2000. It's their turn now, not mine. I just hoped they'd wear it a little better. Instead, my former mentors have stooped to the maturity level of... well, me.

On a related note, I caught a few minutes of the hysterical Ann Coulter on Sean Hannity's show last night, elaborating on her much-publicized vow to campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain wins the nomination. She made the case that Republicans are panicked, and have been seduced by the siren song of "electability," just as the Dems did with Kerry in 2004, and she predicted it would end with similar results. It's a reasonable argument to make (for Ms. Coulter, at least) but I have a problem with the inference she draws. Sean Hannity should have asked her, "Do you think the Democrats would have fared better with Howard Dean?"