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More torture videos on the way?

Roger Simon says so, but these are different. They were all filmed under Saddam Hussein. He says we can expect to see

  • [A]ctual live castrations of Kurds.
  • Two beheadings, during one of which "Happy Birthday, Saddam" is being sung in Arabic.
  • Fingers being cut off one by one from a hand tied to a board.
  • People being thrown off four-story buildings, one forced to wear a Superman costume.
  • A man scourged ninety-nine times.
  • Three different instances of gas poisonings (probably employing different types), including dead babies.
Loyal readers will understand that I'm not posting this to minimize the atrocities of Abu Ghraib. As a democracy we should not shy away from critical self-examination. Neither, however, should we forget the living nightmare we have ended in Iraq.


This is a new kind of insanity. When did a struggle between conservative muslims and conservative christians degrade into the world's first internet porno wars? If this is true, look for more obscene torture fantasies from Michael Savage, more conspiracy theories about faked footage, more porno pics and photoshopped pics appearing in forums and websites along with real torture shots.

I'm beginning to get the feeling that people who die off-camera just don't matter as much. Was all the bloodshed in Falujah last month about politics and strategy, or was it about television pictures of bodies hanging off a bridge?

Stinkpeople killing stinkpeople-now there's a good evenings' entertainment for the civilized parts of the world.

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