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Vintage candy

My post the other night about Space Food Sticks got me waxing nostalgic, and I found this great site on the web. Check out all this great old candy! Who knew they still made this stuff?

Remember Marathon bars? They were 12 inches long and had that cool ruler on the back of the wrapper. I guess they can no longer be had, alas, even here, but there is a replacement.

Remember the milk bottles with colored liquid? And I had forgotten about these wax lips.

Astro Pops were cool looking, but they didn't taste very good. I always liked these chocolate babies, but I never knew what they were called. I won't tell you what my grandmother called them.

Mikey died from eating these and drinking Coke, but I preferred Zots, for a less intense experience. I always disliked Necco Wafers and hated Circus Peanuts. My ex-fiancée used to like Circus Peanuts. That should have been a warning sign. These Candy Buttons always looked so weird to me that I never even tried them. Kind of like flypaper.

Ah, the memories....