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Apologies are due

Tony Blair always stuck to his guns regarding the Iraq/Niger uranium connection, and now it seems he has been vindicated. The reference to British intelligence concerning Iraq and uranium and an unnamed African nation was widely portrayed as erroneous, a "lie" that crept into Bush's SOTU speech. The truth was obscured by the emergence of forgeries by an ambitious Italian diplomat.

Now, it seems, that the British intelligence was accurate, and predated the forgeries. Many people owe Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush apologies, but instead they seem simply to want to change the subject by minimizing the significance of the claim: "It doesn't matter because there's no evidence Saddam was close to having a working bomb", or "it doesn't matter because an advanced nuclear program was not found."

Leave. The goddamn. Goalposts. Alone!

Blair was right on this one. You were wrong. Have the cajones to admit that, at least. It doesn't mean you have to support the war, and it doesn't mean that Bush and Blair were right about everything.

But they were right about this, and the left's steadfast refusal to acknowledge this single, admittedly minor, fact speaks volumes as to how poisoned our current political environment has become.