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The new electoral map

Zogby rides to the rescue again.

Bush 256
Kerry 239


Stop paying attention to this thing. As quickly as this thing changes, you're going to wind up even more A.D.D. than you are now. ;-)

You're right.

But admitting it is the first step, right?

My name's Barry, and I'm a poll-a-holic....

While I would have never believed it, I think I may also be, a poll-a-holic. Is there any hope?

Well, when this election is done, you can always move to Iraq. I hear they're having an election in January!

So everyone with an Arabic name is a Kerry supporter and therefore a terrorist, is that your logic? So all Kerry supporters are terrorists? Is that what you're saying?

So much for intelligent conservatism.

Next you'll start talking about Jewish usurers.

And that one might not even be rigged!

Jill, you're perfectly welcome to post on my site, but I'd prefer that you'd be honest about your true identity. Why the anonymity?

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