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Swift Vets strike again

Am I the only Bushie who's a bit uncomfortable with the latest Swift Vet ad? It's damning, sure, but allegations of treason are not to be thrown around lightly, and I have a sense this may backfire.

But we'll see. And I have it on good authority that the Swift Vets still have more cans of whupass left in their pantry, and that they're saving the biggest cans for last. It'll be interesting.


Since when do you allow the idea that the Swift Boat guys are liars worm its way into your acceptance of any slander against Kerry that comes down the pike? Are you developing something approaching cognitive abilities?

Actually, Jill, there is nothing in the new ad that is factually even in dispute. I do *not* think the new ad is a "lie," I just think it's a path that we'd be better served not to venture down.

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