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Bubba for Secretary General?

Well, it'd be an improvement, I guess.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming U.N. secretary-general. A Clinton insider and a senior U.N. source have told United Press International the 56-year-old former president would like to be named leader of the world body when Kofi Annan's term ends early in 2006.

This idea had occurred to me before. Clinton is still quite young, and he very intensely wants to remain politically active, and not just as an "elder statesman" or a consultant. I think he wants a real job, and Secretary General is the only one that's (at least arguably) not a step down in terms of prestige.

He'd better start taking French lessons, though. Last I heard, France had a standing policy of vetoing any SecGen nominee who wasn't a francophone. But who knows, for their beloved WJC, they might be willing to make an exception.


Not nearly as unlikely in a Bush second term as some seem think -- IMHO. Bush and Bubba hit it off from the start. I think Dubya has enough self-confidence that he would not feel at all threatened by Bill presiding over the Turtle-bay brunch club.

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