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Kerry ad lies about Halliburton

Did you know that Democrats can lie too, boys and girls? That's right, even the Kerry campaign. Here's a piece from factcheck.org detailing a truthless Kerry ad alleging that Dick Cheney racked up huge illicit profits via Halliburton contracts. The problem is none of it's true.

You may have to be patient with their server, though. They seem a bit overworked today. It's probably because Cheney mentioned them last night in the debate, even though he got the TLD wrong, calling it "factcheck.com" (another damnable Cheney LIE!!). Meanwhile, I'll post the summary below.

(Hat tip, Allah)

A Kerry ad implies Cheney has a financial interest in Halliburton and is profiting from the company's contracts in Iraq. The fact is, Cheney doesn't gain a penny from Halliburton's contracts, and almost certainly won't lose even if Halliburton goes bankrupt.

The ad claims Cheney got $2 million from Halliburton "as vice president," which is false. Actually, nearly $1.6 million of that was paid before Cheney took office. More importantly, all of it was earned before he was a candidate, when he was the company's chief executive.


So much for one of the favorite talking points of the anti-war crowd.

Guys, you make the mistake in assuming this mall detail will stop the DEmocrats from continuing this slimy piece of crap.

You have Jesse Jackson and John Kerry claiming that the GOP has a plan to stultify black votes next month - in the face of the obvious voter registration fraud taking place in Ohio and elsewhere - in largely balck areas.

They know that their base doesn't care about the facts or is particularly well-read. We make that assumption that the truth will shut them up.

It won't.

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