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The Clinton conspiracy, part whatever

I'm still inclined to believe the Clintons do not want Kerry to be elected. WaPo reports Bill Clinton will have an extremely low profile in the campaign to elect John Kerry, citing his slower-than-expected recovery from heart bypass surgery six weeks ago. Now maybe I'm just paranoid, but my father underwent this operation more than 20 years ago, when it was considerably less advanced than it is today, and he returned to a full work schedule well before this.

Proof? No. But ya gotta wonder!


My Dad spent close to six months in the hospital after bypass surgery. Sometimes, when they open you up, what they discover is different than what they expected. The surgery is then left incomplete. If followup surgery is needed, they have to wait because you need to recover from the first surgery before undertaking the second. In my Dad's case, they followed up surgery with medication but he still had to stay in the hospital because the surgery achieved half of what they wanted and he was too weak to go home.

Reportedly, Clinton does want to go on the road and he has made phone calls on Kerry's behalf, but they don't want him to travel.

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