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Happy Thanksgiving!

My wife and I are leaving today to fly down to the "red states" for Thanksgiving. I hope we don't get lynched as being "evolutionists" or "heliocentrists" or some other kind of heretic. Ah well, such are the perils of travelling in "Jesusland," I suppose. There's no "internets" in those benighted provinces, of course, so blogging will probably be light to nonexistent until next week (CRB, feel to post as often/seldom as the spirit moves you.)

For those who don't know, deep-frying turkeys has become all the rage in the red states. I am sold on this method of turkey preparation, and have recently purchased my own turkey fryer. My wife is still a bit skeptical, however. For one thing, she likes to cook stuffing inside the bird, which does become problematic with this cooking method.

For anyone who's curious, I would highly recommend you try it. Just please be careful, as that's a lot of really hot grease you're messing with. I'd tell you not to attempt turkey frying while intoxicated, but really, what sober person would try to fry a turkey? Just use a bit of caution. Don't do this.

Or this.

But above all else, just have a great time with friends and family. Eat lots of good food, and remember the spirit of the Pilgrims and the Indians and Miles Standish and Pocahontas and Belle and Ariel and all our Thanksgiving heroes. Despite the rampant commercialism of the holiday season, we should try our best to rediscover the true meaning of Thanksgiving: We're thankful to be Americans. France sucks. Eat turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

See you next week.


I'm with your wife, the very thought of deep frying a turkey horrifies me. I think there were quite a few fires last Thanksgiving because of the whole deep frying thing. Being rather afraid of fire, I think I'll stay away from that. I am thinking of smoking the second bird though (yes, we cook two). The Times had a recipe for it in the Dining Section last week and it sounds doable.

K, smoking a turkey is a *great* idea. We used to do that in my family a lot too. It gave the men an excuse to stay out in the yard and drink all night, but it did also create some incredibly delicious birds. Remember, it's better to cook two small turkeys than one ginormous one.

There were a significant number of homes which burned down last year because of deep-frying turkeys gone fowl, er, foul.

Normally, as Ellen makes a great sausage stuffing which she puts inside the bird, i would side with Sarah and K.

But this year, owing to our son's marriage, we will be eating Thanksgiving dinner up in Harrison with Steve , Philly and a collection of about 8 others.

Given that, I still say you're wrong, Barry! Damned good reason for the males to get lit up though, huh?

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Looks like that's the way they cook Turkeys in Iraq(Pictures 1-3). If they had food. Well have fun and be thankful

Hey, my neighbour's when I lived in NJ used the deep fat fryers to cook turkey. I was surrounded by these things. I actually sat next to one as it fried a whole 20lb bird. People were talking and all I could think of was, 'please God , don't fall over, please God don't fall over..' It was very distressing and I felt like I couldn't move as I didn't want ot be anti-social. Heck, next time I'll be a bitch and move away from the bird...move awaaay from the bird! lol!

BUT having said that, it tasted delicious!!

Don't forget the pies! I cook my turkey in a Weber. Much safer and 26 pound turkeys turn out great. Throw in some maple cuttings and let the good times roll...Have a nice holiday.

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