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Quit changing the rules, already!

It looks like Tom DeLay won't be indicted after all. Great going, guys! You pissed away the remaining dregs of your integrity... for nothing! Gornischt! (My studies have stalled, I think. I really need to learn a new word.)

I'm talking to you, congressional Republicans, and I'm talking about your dumbass decision to repeal the very ethics rules that you guys got elected on, just to save DeLay's ass! Remember, "What does it profit a man...." (How does that one go now exactly? Anyway, you get the idea.)

I'm actually glad it happened this way. I'm glad all your cynical machinations were for gornischt. Otherwise, you would probably feel like you'd gotten away with it, and you'd feel emboldened to do it in the future.

I don't know what makes you guys think you're so untouchable. You have a smaller majority than the Democrats did when Gingrich took them down for their "arrogance of power." What makes you think it can't happen to you? It's not like the conservative base is exactly fired up about you guys, you know. Y'all are going through tax dollars like beer at an Arkansas frat party. You eked out a victory thanks to a gimpy opposition, but don't get too comfortable up there on the Hill.

And let this be a lesson to you, Bill Frist. I know Democratic obstructionism can be frustrating, but don't be seduced into changing the rules just because the opposition isn't playing dead. That doesn't sit well with the American people, myself included. Your opponents may be intransigent, but I'd much prefer to see you deal with them the old-fashioned way -- you know, bribery and threats.

All right, that is all. Carry on. Go cut some taxes or something.


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