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Tax reform "difficult," says Grassley

Senator Grassley is right. Simplifying the tax code will be difficult. He'd better roll up sleeves, get off his ass, and start working on it, instead of just sitting around bitchin' about how hard it's gonna be. Why do you think you earn that fat-ass salary, Chuck? Why do you think you have all those staffers and pages? Jesus, God forbid we actually ask our legislators to, you know, "work" or something.


If he thinks tax reform is difficult, he ought to come to my house next April and finish my form 1040. People that pay accountants and tax services to fill out their tax forms can't truly appreciate the need for Washington to "get real" when it comes to tax reform.

I'd vote for a national referendum to require every congressperson and staff aide to personally fill out their own tax returns. We'd have tax reform before the next Congress was seated. A pox on the whole congress, I say!

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