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Tom Ridge has resigned...

...and Roger L. Simon thinks he should be replaced by a Democrat. I'm not sure what good that would really do, but if a qualified Democrat is willing to serve, I'm all for it. If I were to pick a favorite Dem for the job, it'd probably be Chuck Schumer, but I have a feeling he's not interested in leaving the Senate anytime soon.


I have no problem with a Democrat but it should be someone with no political aspirations beyond the job.

It is, after all, a part of the executive branch and should reflect the overviews of Bush.

Somehow, I suspect that Simon is trying to create a conflict with W given the resignation of Colin Powell has left the Dems without a favorite in that branch.

Wasn't it the first president elected as part the standard bearer of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, who initated the spoils system?

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