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Arnold wants GOP to shift left

I think I know what he means. If so, I agree with him. I think the Republican Party's coziness with the religious right costs it a lot of votes among people who would be otherwise predisposed to support their agenda. My only problem with Schwarzenegger's comments is that they were a bit too vague. "Move a little further left" can mean many different things. It's open to interpretation, but knowing Arnie, I hope he means we should remain fiscally conservative and militarily hawkish, but back off on "moral" issues. I couldn't agree more. Just be specific, Arnold. All the "star power" of the GOP (McCain and Guiliani) agree with you. You guys have influence. Don't be afraid to use it.


What do you mean "remain" fiscally conservative? This business about the Republican party being the party of fiscal conservatism, if indeed it was ever valid, certainly isn't anymore. The current Republican Congress are spending like drunken sailors. You can't blame this one on liberals anymore.

Democrats and liberals have been tarred as the "tax and spend" party forever. But at least we pay our frickin' bills. We don't use bogus charge cards to run up tons of debt and then expect our children to pay it back.

The difference is really where conservatives and liberals think the money should be spent. We on the left prefer programs that benefit the public good -- education, roads, mass transit, college loans. On the right, the preference is for programs that enrich already rich corporations and individuals, in the so-far unfulfilled expectation that they will bestow a few scraps on the teeming rabble for which they have so much contempt.

Jill, you make a valid point. The party's ostensible goal of fiscal conservatism is one which this president and this congress have abysmally failed to live up to. Frankly, I don't think the congressional Republicans deserved reelection, but it wasn't all up to me, alas.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't give the Democrats *too* much credit when it comes to "paying your own bills." Your president was able to run a fictitious surplus (without the SS trust fund it wouldn't have existed) in the face of a historically booming economy and burgeoning tax base *and* a Republican-controlled congress. BFD.

Jill, one of your own, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has to be laughing somewhere at your 'at least we pay our frickin' bills' as he railed against the borrowing vs. the SS surplus during the time when the Dems still had significant power.

I will agree that this first term has been a major diappointment in terms of the spending incurred on Bush's watch, oftimes with his active involvement.

The problem is that the Dems have created what is now known as 'the Nanny State' mentality with their constant commenting that 'it's not your fault nor your responsiblilty' to their rank and file followed by proposals which match the rhetoric.

Good to see your posts again, however!

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