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Who says that DU never criticizes a Democrat?

Here's a sampling:

I hope to know where Zell miller's grave is when he takes a dirt nap. I'll make sure to take a nice long piss on it.

zell, kill yourself, please

wish it were still the time where a traitor to one's Country or Party was tied to a pole, blindfolded, and a firing squad shot them dead.

Zell Miller we be "screwed" by the Devil when he gets to Hell!

Zell Miller is a drooling self-righteous narcissistic prick, and he deserves if not Thorazine, then at least tar & feathers. I hope he dies soon, and I am not sorry I said it.

My God, when is he going to either die or go the hell away?

If I stated how I truly felt about this devious, treacherous piece of shit, I would likely have my message deleted...[I doubt it -- BNJ]

In fact I hope he falls on the floor in full grand mal seizure, eyes rolling back in the head, spittle flying, tongue swallowing, the whole nine. What a feeble minded, mean-spirited, d*ckwad this guy is.

He, McCain, and the other traitors to a man who once called them friend will join Judas, Brutus, and Cassius in the Devil's antechamber, deep in the frozen bowels of the ninth circle of Hell.

Senator Miller has touched a nerve. Across how many degrees does guilt by association propagate for DU'ers? Two, at least! Next they unload on Paul Begala for once stating he was a "friend" of Zell's, although he disagreed with him politically.

Begala is a friend of Millers? Goodbye Belgala.

Begala is another worthless piece of shit.

Tough crowd. You know what always chills me most when I read a thread like this in DU? It's the number of messages that look like this:

Message removed by moderator.

One shudders to think what kind of post would trigger deletion by a board mod in that shrieking nuthouse.


Most likely someone who had praise for either Miller or Begala

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