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Oil prices

All right, I'm not normally much for conspiracy theories, but take a look at this graph:

Not only is crude oil down substantially from its November high, but this chart is forming a classic, bearish "head-and-shoulders" pattern.

At first I was skeptical of the rumors I'd heard that George Soros was running up the price of oil in advance of the election. In fact, I'm still skeptical. But at least that conspiracy theory is a helluva lot more likely than the one the moonbats touted before the election -- that Bush's "buddies" in Saudi Arabia were going to keep the price of oil artificially low during the election.

Ah well, being a left-wing conspiracy nut means never having to say you're sorry. Or even wrong.


Probably the main reason for the oil price drop was that speculators sold off. The pre-election prices had a terrorism premium built in, it seems. Try overlaying that chart with a chart of oil futures, and you will see a spike in selling the day after the election..

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