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Well that sucks

Bernard Kerik was one of the first Bush appointees in a long time that I was actually pumped about. If we must have a Department of Homeland Security, he seemed the ideal man to head it. Now he's withdrawn his name from consideration, ostensibly because of "nanny" problems. Call me cynical, but I have to wonder whether there's rather more to it than that.


This guy was really dirty, actually. It was the Republicans who pressured him to withdraw. Schumer and Hillary actually backed him. Speaking of Bush's Saudi "buddys" (your words not mine), this guy worked for the Saudi Royals in the 1980s. Most of the 9/11 perps were Saudis, as is Osama. Is this who you want protecting us aqainst Saudi expremists? But to be fair, he was a kick ass guy, and that is who we need. Hmmm,is John McCain or Wesley Clark available?

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