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"But... but... I'm smarter than you, dammit!!"

That's the gist of Juan Cole's "rebuttal," if such it can be called, against Jonah Goldberg's "monstrous warmongering." It's a sure sign the academic lefties are on the wrong side of history when they're reduced to sputtering in indignant rage while gesturing towards their credentials in lieu of an argument.

Cole finishes his whining bitch-fest with a challenge to debate Goldberg face-to-face on Middle East issues. Man, I'd love to see that. I can't predict who'd win on technical points, but I'm pretty sure I know who'd come out looking like an insufferable, pompous ass. But then, what would you expect from someone whose blog is entitled "Informed Comment?" Geezes, get over yourself already.

(Via Glenn)