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It's a great day

Both members of the White House titty police are officially gone. My guess is Gonzales will not only uncover the boobies at Justice but have them augmented as well.

But what is there to say about his confirmation? I still can't believe that all but six Democrats voted against the first Hispanic to be nominated for AG because they thought he wasn't nice enough to terrorists, even though it was clear he had the votes to be confirmed anyway. If this is still the prevailing mindset of the Democratic Party three years hence, I predict the GOP will be able to nominate Tucker Carlson and still win the White House. I'm just sayin'.


As good as the Dems have been the last few elections at running campaigns, I sometimes think the GOP could get Michael Savage elected.

Dude, you owe me a quarter.

No WAY dude! I've been boobie-blogging the DOJ since at least November. Check out the archives: http://www.cynicalnation.com/archives/2004_11.html#000626

Hm, "boobie-blogging" is so cumbersome. How about "booblogging"?

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