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President Condi?

I know there's been a buzz about this for a while, but I never paid much attention to it... until recently. I know it sounds ridiculous to say that a single photograph has put me over the edge, but I'm not so naive as to believe that image and packaging aren't crucially important in presidential politics these days. Well, check out this image and this package. (Everyone else is posting it, so why not?)

It's not all packaging, of course. She's tough, smart, and strikes just the right balance on social issues: pro-gun and pro-choice. She should be capable of gaining broad support among religious conservatives without terrifying social moderates and libertarians.

A Rice candidacy could substantially cut into the Democrats' share of some of their core constituencies. Given current demographics, Democrats require a strong showing from females voters and the black vote in its entirety to be competitive. Any significant erosion in either category spells trouble. Consequently, it could make a Hillary Clinton candidacy a much more likely possibility.

The Clinton-vs.-Rice scenario (which is starting to look less contrived than it once did) would be a great deal more than a wet dream for political bloggers. It would guarantee this country its first woman president, and those (hopefully mythical) Americans who would refuse to vote for a woman on general principle would be removed from the equation. And can you imagine the reaction of fanatical Muslims everywhere? "These Americans are crazy!"

Condi Rice has now officially joined the triumvirate of people whom I would like to see run for president in 2008: McCain, Guilliani and Rice. According to this straw poll, I'm not the only Republican thinking along these lines. I know it's still ridiculously early to be discussing such things, but I can't help but be optimistic.


I agree, a Clinton-Rice scenario would be great and would guarantee the election of the first woman president: Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, if there is a McCain-Clinton scenario, McCain likely wins.

Election in 2008, I think we better be thinking about impeaching Bush today for all his lies and misleading this country to invade a country on his lies.

Sept. 11, the truth has not been told, why did

Rice, Bush and all of them lie about the warnings,
Rice is just as guility as Bush for not acting or taking action and allowed it to happen. They knew and yet 3000 people died, and today millions have died and our own numbers are running close to 1500 plusthe injured 35,000 plus all the money that has been spent on this war and its still costing, yet Bush and Rice continue to slime their way and allowed to remain in office, when they are responsible along with others . The invasion of Iraq they lied and still lie.

To elect Rice and based on on her past preformance of plain neglect sorry, I would not vote nor support another person who lies.

Her race has nothing to do with my not voting for her its her morel values along with the Rumsfeldt, Ashcroft, Powell, Cheney, Tennat all of them should be tired for war crimes.

Unless the republicans clean up their acts of cover up for this Bush adminstration, they need to be voted out also.

We need and demand the truth, no more lies,
lets clean the White House up on this guy parties that are going on in the white house. Its disgusting and morels are gone.

Impeach Impeach all of them

I'd vote for any in that triumvirate.

I lean Guiliani but I would love to see Rice as president.

Maybe a Guilliani, Rice ticket. There's something about McCain that bothers me but I can't quite put my finger on it yet.

did someone forget to take his meds again, "R Morris?" Also, did someone forget how to use proper grammar and spelling again, "R Morris?"

As much as I like to think we're ready for a woman U.S. President, or a black U.S. president, I'm just not sure America will vote for a black woman as U.S. President. I just don't think it will happen. This kind of change in national thinking takes place VERY SLOWLY.

Of course, there's no good reason why a qualified black woman should not be U.S. President. I'm just sayin' I don't think it will happen anytime soon.

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