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The Crackers

I really don't know if this will be funny to anyone outside of New York or not.

(Hat tip: Patricia)


Yuck, I always hated those things. What kind of maniac came up with mixing the taste of cheddar cheese and peanut butter?

I actually like those cheddar cheese/peanut butter jobbers, but if you'll look closely, that's not what these are. They're the orange crackers with the fake cheddar cheese stuffing in between.

Yeah but you also enjoy feasting on cornbread and buttermilk... :)

Oh great, now you're going to spew *all* my personal secrets all over the intraweb....

You can't blame me for making that one public - you did a fine job of that yourself :)
But we all have our secret disgusting food cravings. Myself I get the craving to eat uncooked bacon now and again. My dad used to do it too - he also ate raw chopmeat I haven't done that yet...

All right, I've got a hurl on deck now.

But I do feel better about that whole sorry cornbread-and-buttermilk episode. Thanks.

I had raw ground beef while I was living in France, and I didn't really like it. Somehow it doesn't repulse me as much as raw bacon, however. ;-)

I'm nowhere near New York, but that's pretty funny to me!

Suddenly, I see saffron, saffron everywhere!

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