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Cue stirring, majestic orchestral music

Here's a quiz. All of the following are photos of ANWR. See if you can guess which one CNN chose to use in its report on the Senate vote to allow drilling.


While I certainly am not going to lose any sleep over drilling being done in a small fraction of ANWR, I do think the administration should be doing much more to encourage conservation and the development/usage of alternate energy sources.

Tracy, I don't know if you are old enough to recall the cost effects of tea and cocoa when there were coffee grower strikes in the 1970s.

Coffee, of course, skyrocketed. So too did the aforementioned alternatives.

My point is that ethanol will not come cheap because the developers are interested in making every bit as obscene a profit as OPEC. They will cloak themselves in the flag and bleat that we should "Buy American!"

We have been arguably pursuing 'alternative' sources since the Ford administation with little or no success. My question is why?

The automotive industry comes to mind.

States which supply traditional fuels do as well.

In fact, this is a good analogy as to why a true flat tax will never succeed because there are too many people/groups who would lose something.

Altruism is alive only in textbooks.

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