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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With all the hype and commercialism that surrounds today, it's all too easy for us to lose sight of the true meaning of this holiday: Beer. And let us also remember that we need not confine the spirit of St. Patrick to a single day on the calendar. We can carry it with us in our hearts, throughout all four seasons, and drink to wretched excess every day of the year.


I forgot, this is your first St. Patrick's Day in Hoboken. Boy, are you in for a treat...

I stopped by my old haunt, Hurley's yesterday.

Paul Barbee, the owner said that they would be opening at 8:30 today.

Jesus, I love to drink as much as the next guy but:

a) 8 frigin' .30 a.m.?

b) the parade started on 44th and 5th. Hurley's is on 48th off of 7th - not exactly a waiting area for soon-to-be marchers.

Well, as they say, Barry:

"Beer: it's not just for breakfast anymore."

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