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DU'ers on Falwell

It's been a while since we've checked in with the tolerant, enlightened progressives over at the Democratic Underground, where simply disagreeing with your political opponents is insufficient -- one must also wish them pain, death, and suffering. They're talking about Jerry Falwell's recent illness. A sampler:

I hope he shits himself then dies in it, right there in front of his family. Same goes for Billy Graham and his racist son who learned to hate Moslems at his father's table.

I call dibs on pulling his feeding tube!

Is it politically incorrect for me to wish him a slow and painful death?

Yes it is. May I join you?

Dump his ass outside the hospital and see if his God takes care of him

Things like this make me wish I believed in Hell.... It's about all I can muster for this hateful, hypocritical tub of guts.

I for one am not wishing him a painful death.... I'm much more interested in the torture and damnation of his immortal soul!

Well, that's probably enough tolerance and enlightenment for today. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm a Republican, so I have to get back to practicing the politics of hatred.


UPDATE: K opines in the comments below that Freepers are likely equally ill-mannered on such occasions. So, in the interests of fairness, here is the Freeper thread on the death of Johnnie Cochran. Granted, there are some smart-ass remarks and tasteless jokes therein, but... well, I'll let you folks judge for yourselves.


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If I wasn't sure that I would feel the need for a detoxing la Silkwood, I'm pretty sure that I would be able to find equally yeuchy things on the Freeper site. But I find that I don't have the same bent for masochism that you do. :P

Oh, and in an AP report today? Two Texan politicians are arguing over who is more favorably inclined toward HRC. I kid you not.

Heh, Hillary's definitely running. I just can't tell if she's running for the Democratic or Republican nomination.

K, you really should take a gander at the Freepers link that Barry provided and compare and contrast with the DU comments about a man who is still alive.

Maybe then, you'll understand that it isn't quite as balanced in the vitreol department as many would have us believe which we have been trying to tell you guys.

I can't believe you made me look at that! Now I feel dirty...

Seriously, there are some lovely posts on both sites. There are more admonishing ones on the Freeper site (there are also more posts period), but no one compared Falwell to Hitler either.

From a quick scan of the nearly 400 posts:

>>"By that standard, Hitler could be praised for "doing his job well." Surely you don't mean this standard to be taken literally. And assuming you don't mean it to be taken literally, then you owe us a further explanation.">"Pity it wasn't Felos. He'd be in for a hot ol' time!">"Well, now I guess I have no moral high-ground to stand on when I see the DUnatics rejoicing in Rev. Falwell's illness.">"Rest in peace? Try fry in hell.

He helped a double murderer go free.">"If life don't fit, heart musta quit. Have fun back-slapping murderers in hell Johnnie..."

For all those self righteous morally detestable hypocrites that pass judgement on Johnnie Cochran save some of your hatred for the twelve on the jury that bought his story. I'll try to forgive you too. God help us all.

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