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I know you've all been waiting for this

Yes, the first season of Doogie Howser, M.D. is now available on DVD.

Here's something I've always wondered. If he's such a damn genius, why did he type so effin' slow? I can type faster than that on a Treo, wearing boxing gloves. Drunk.


You MUST see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Not only does it take place in Hoboken, but Neil Patrick Harris plays himself in it, snorting cocaine off of strippers' asses and being a general maniac. Good stuff.

Roger is so right. If you haven't seen Harold & Kumar, you really should. I like NPH a whole lot more after seeing that movie. He definitely has a sense of humor.

Wow. Now I'm all psyched up to go to the Blockbuster and pick that up. I just hope it doesn't make me crave White Castle. Those things make me sick as all get out.

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