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Ever notice...

...how rightie bloggers are much more likely to link to lefty bloggers than vice versa? Why do you suppose that is?


One word: OUTRAGE! Righties seem to spend more time seeking out lefty-speak to get people riled up, rather than the other way around.

More oppenness of discussion on this side of the tracks--partially because there's more diversity of opinions. After all, to be a "rightie" all you have to do is support the war, or have voted for Bush, or both. To be a leftie, you have to fulfill certain requirements for ALL of your beliefs.

Yeah, it's really just because we lefties hate any of you people who aren't "one of us".

Well? As far as I can tell, Barry and I are both labeled as being on the red side of the blogosphere. And yet, neither of us are social conservatives--at least, I don't think that he is, and I know that I'm not.
Why is that?
As far as I'm concerned, I'm a liberal. But it feels like these days, being conservative just means that you don't stick to a certain package of beliefs, rather than just having a few beliefs in common with liberals.

Because of that, what many have labeled as the conservative side really has a lot more diversity.

That's just what I think. I didn't say anything about anyone hating anyone.

Adam, I think my politics are very similar to yours, and I think you've pretty much nailed it. The "red" side of the blogosphere is much more divergent from the RNC than the "blue" blogs are from the DNC, IMO. I'm hard-pressed to name a prominent lefty blogger who doesn't pretty much tow the party line.

BTW, I've noticed that for some reason I never got around to linking to your site. That's been corrected. ;-)

Why thank you!
Glad to see you back in action, by the way :)

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