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Name change?

One fixture since this site's inception has been that some people complain about its name. The term "cynical" is somehow incompatible with a site that leans politically to the right, I take it. Why a person cannot simultaneously be a cynic and a conservative (or liberal) eludes me, honestly, but... well, there you go.

Actually, I've been bored/unsatisfied with the current name for some time. Its origins are rooted in historical events that are not as relevant as they once were. Besides, we don't want anyone to feel misled here at CN, so I'm contemplating a name change to coincide with my long-promised, oft-delayed site makeover.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Note: nominations like "Sycophantic Bush Ass-kisser" are not helpful, and will be disregarded.) Perhaps the new name could be beer-related. No one could fairly claim that I don't legitimately like beer.

Anyway, mull it over. It won't happen immediately, but perhaps in the next few months. And the traditionalists shouldn't worry. I'm keeping the CN domain, regardless. I've built up too much link equity to relinquish that.


How about: Barry N. Johnson's XQJ-37 Nuclear Powered Pan-Sexual Roto-Plooker and Blog?

I like it.

I'll miss the ol' "cynical" name. I always felt a kinship with it.

As much as I might've been one of those who complained about it, I believe it has become identified with the site. It's got a nice ring to it and, if you are not always cynical in the Mencken tradition, you're usually pretty cranky. As a member of your loyal opposition, I wouldn't change it just to change it.

Barry: I am real new here, 1st. time hitter but please allow me some input. I agree with PE don't change it just to be changing it. In response to your statement "No one could fairly claim that I don't legitimately like beer." What I gather from my first visit is fairness isn't a necessity to participate. No one likes beer better than I but if you must then maybe Barry's Anal Ale. Not really but I'm having fun and can be serious (see my comment on Johnnie Cochran)keep up the good work.

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