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Is it just me...

...or is this the most boring American Idol ever?

I know, I'm not supposed to be watching it, I know....


Can't say as this is the first year I've watched the show.

I will say that one girl, Mikalah Gordon, is like fingernails on a blackboard to both of us and yet seems to draw praise from the judges which confounds us.

Mal, is it just me, or could Mikalah be Fran Drescher's illegitimate daughter?

I keep forgetting it's on? I know it's on three nights a week and yet I still forget. I'm not sure how I'm doing that but I have to figure it out so I can forget when other shows are on too.

Anyway, yes, when I watch it, very boring. I also am not at all fond of the skinny rocker guy. And Scott is a little scary.

For the rockers, I like Bo much better than Constantine, but I guess so does everyone else. Constie seems like a nice enough guy, but I think he made it this far on his looks. So far, no one is really blowing me away. Now and then I'll think someone sounds good, but then the next night they'll suck. No one yet is consistently exceptional, IMO. For ratings' sake, they may have to introduce some "personal" drama to keep the viewership up. You know, love triangles, drug overdoses, stuff like that...

U are watching id0l?! Ach Du lieber Herrgott.

Yeah, this season is lame....

Not sure, Barry, as she hasn't uttered "Oh, Mr. SHEFfield" or said "Ma" yet!

Actually, she reminds me of girls I knew during the 1960s with that radar-like eye mascara etc.

We were stunned when she was pulled out at the end as the last contestant!

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