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Funny no more?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

Through sheer force of habit, I still dutifully check out The Onion first thing every Wednesday morning. Before I'd read this post by Jim Treacher, I'd just made a mental note that today's Onion may well be the most horrifically un-funny thing I've ever read in my life. Christ, Margaret Cho's blog is even funnier than The Onion these days. That's how bad it is. If Joe Piscopo had a blog, there might be at least one item tucked away somewhere that might at least elicit a mild chuckle every once in a while.

Read today's Onion if you haven't already. Is there anything that provoked so much as a smile? Pay particular attention to the "Pope Remembered" photo essay. Since it's a special section, you'd think the writers must have had some inspiration for putting it in there. But no, clearly they didnt. I didn't see one photo in there that wasn't just abysmally, depressingly, mind-numbingly, unfunny. I wasn't offended, mind you, just incredibly bored.



Maybe the problem was that you were just paying attention to the photos and not reading the text?

"Screw the meek."

Oh yeah. Ha ha! "Screw the meek!"

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