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Our Lady of the Overpass

Some people are seeing the Virgin Mary in this thing.

I guess maybe if you squint, and hold your head at just the right angle...

Nah, looks more like Munch's "Scream" to me. Ah hell, things like this are nothing more than a Rorshach test. People see in it what they want to. Andrew Sullivan would probably see an image of President Bush persecuting homosexuals.


So what does it mean if all I see is a great big pussy?

It means you have an unhealthy preoccupation with John Kerry.

Looks like a Giger painting to me.

I've seen this thing in person....and it's a SALT STAIN. What's with the lunatics seeing the Virgin Mary everywhere....as if God is going to communicate to us through grilled cheese sandwiches. I mean, what happened to clear signs....Moses got Commandments written in stone. Did God go postmodern on us?

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