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Lethal injection may be painful

Some experts now believe as many as 40% of inmates suffer physical pain from lethal injection. I'm not really sure how they know this, but the solution seems obvious. If we've learned nothing else during the past month, we've learned that starvation is the funnest way to die ever. Just make sure the feedwagon doesn't stop on death row anymore, and in a few weeks they'll all check out in a blaze of ACLU-sanctioned euphoria.


Personally, I'd say the more painful the better. Stop ALL anesthetic and let'em suffer, as they did their victims. Turn about's fair play, after all.

Oh, come on now!! THAT would be just so inhumane. Can you imagine the death-row inmates staggering around clutching their bellies as they starve to death, moaning and crying out for food? Well, at least they can make sounds and walk and shout out in pain, during this very painful way of dying.

we're supposed to be concerned ?

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