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"Oil for Food" mystery solved!

It's all America's fault! Thanks for clearing that up, Kofi.

Annan, addressing a seminar on the United Nations and the media, said most of the money Saddam earned was by oil sold to Jordan and Turkey outside of the $67 billion U.N. program.

Only countries like the United States and Britain had interdiction forces that could have stopped it, he said.

Scaramouche wonders what Annan's reaction would have been had the U.S. actually used military force to intercept Iraqi oil shipments. Yeah, I wonder that too.

You know, I always gave Kofi Annan the benefit of a doubt and simply assumed he was merely incompetent. I think that was too charitable. The man's an ass.


that's why we call him ""koffianus !""

now you know why we call him "koffianus ! "

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