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Bolton vote update

Well, it looks like Voinovich is on board, although he's being a snot about it. It's more of the tried-and-true "the guy sucks and he's an asshole, but I guess I'll vote for him anyway" nonsense we often hear from politicians who are trying to suck up to two opposing camps at once.

If true, that should pretty much nail it. Sounds like my earlier prediction (more posturing, but a "yes" vote at the end of the day) may well come to pass.


From what I have read, the Senator from Ohio plans to vote against the nominee on the floor but wanted to allow the White House an up or down vote. What else do you want from a man who doesn't believe Bolton is a good choice for the job? As far as I can see, he's being more than fair to those who support Bolton.

Of course, anyone who doesn't agree with YOUR politics is a WUSS. Just like those who don't admire Bolton in dealing with him at State are being portrayed as bureaucratic weenies even though many are actually Republican appointees.

Fair point, PE.

Consider however if this test had been applied to (St.) D.P. Moynihan, a pissant of the first water.

I was friends with a guy who worked for DPM during his tenure at the UN (a Democrat) and he claimed that virtually nobody liked the guy because of his constant abuse of the staff, his inability to give anyone credit for ideas which they created and he ran with, etc.

Add to that the dirty little secret that Moynihan was a lush who disappeared at lunch for hours on end ("if you want to see or talk to him, do it in the morning!" was a standard warning) and recall that it was never brought up by the GOP (unlike John Tower's imbibing was by Dems to sink him).

The whole collective argument against the man is a straw dog.

As someone once said of Moynihan during his Senate days, "I'd rather have a hundred drunk Pay Moynihans than [the bunch of clowns we have now]." And after he had written his umpteenth book, Russert I think back in the early 1990s asked him when he found time to write all these books. "Well, tim," he said, "some people golf...."

"What else do you want from a man who doesn't believe Bolton is a good choice for the job?"

Would it be too much to ask him to actually show up for the hearings?

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