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So that's it?

Carnivale shakes some dust.

HBO has pulled up stakes on "Carnivale," opting not to order a third season of the circus-set Dust Bowl drama.
"We have decided not to renew 'Carnivale,"' said Carolyn Strauss, president of entertainment at HBO, in a statement. "We feel the two seasons we had on the air told the story very well and we are proud of what everyone associated with the show has accomplished."

Strange way to end the series. Oh well, at least it will avoid the ignominious fate that befell "Twin Peaks."


This sucks beyond belief. Carnivale is arguably the most intelligent, polished, beautifully crafted series in television history -- certainly a lot more intelligent than DEADWOOD, which relies on the shock value of the fact that yes, people swore and had sex in the Old West

Carnivale's creator, Dan Knauf, had created a series outline consisting of three "books" of two seasons each. That the show took so long to get going, and was so allegorical, is probably what sealed its doom.

This wasn't just a series, it was damn fine filmmaking, and I'm really disappointed to see that HBO, which uses "groundbreaking" in its tag line, couldn't see it.

By the way, the ratings for the series finale were close to those of DEADWOOD.

I'm perfectly willing to believe that people had sex in the Old West. All the same, I'd prefer not to see it, honestly. All those guys look so... smelly.

Yeah, watching the chicks on "Sex and the City" have sex was much more fun than watching those smelly cowboys. Of course, sometimes Carrie and Co. had sex with smelly urban cowboys.

Larry David, hurry up with some more "Curb Your Enthusiasm" already!

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