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"Night Stalker" update

During a recent bout of blogger's blog (actually more like a one-man strike) I wrote a post about "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." It was apropos of nothing really, but it generated more discussion than I'd expected. That was when I first learned that a new "Night Stalker" television series was in the works, although few details were known.

Well a mere five minutes ago, I got an especially welcome e-mail from an ABC employee, informing me "The Night Stalker" is on ABC's 2005-2006 schedule, Thursday, 9:00PM - 10:00PM.

Wow, this is even more exciting than "Exorcist: Dominion."


I just saw the new ABC schedule for the fall and I looked at that name and thought, huh. Why does that seem fam-oh, I know what that is!

That was a great show! I will look forward to seeing it again.

To hell with that. I am still in mourning over the CBS cancellation of a gem of a show called "Joan of Arcadia".

yeah, but, will Darrin McGavin be part of it?

probably not.....

> yeah, but, will Darrin McGavin be part of it?

No, he's ancient by now. Kolchak will be played by (and here's the *big* problem I have with this whole thing) Stuart Townsend.

BTW, Chris Carter wanted to get Darren McGavin to do an appearance on the X-Files as Carl Kolchak, but I guess he ran into some pretty intractable licensing problems. Anyway, McGavin did appear on the show, but as a retired FBI agent named Arthur Dales, who started the X-Files project.

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