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Trump Towers update

I agree with Ace. Just build the damn things already.

I'm talking about Donald Trump's plan for a safer, stronger, taller Twin Towers. I don't have any illusions about Trump or his motivations, but it may very well take an asshole like him to cut through all the BS, shake things loose, and break the logjam, even if he doesn't end up being the primary developer.

I shouldn't get my hopes up because I know it's a long shot. But I think there's someone who can help make it a reality: George Pataki.

Four years ago, Pataki was finished. He'd been in office long enough to abandon every principle he had, and seemed to have built a career around bribing labor unions for support. Then along came 9/11, and his fortunes changed overnight. He was on track to be the next president. Remember? I know it's hard to imagine now, but it was true. It's not so much that he actually did anything. Remember the unfortunate remark that sunk Andrew Cuomo's gubernatorial campaign? Something to the effect that Pataki had done nothing in the wake of the crisis besides holding Guiliani's coat? The comment was mean-spirited and ill-advised. It was also true. We all know it. We just didn't think he should have said it.

But the point was, Pataki didn't have to do anything. Never in history has so little been demanded of a politician. All he had to do over his next term was not do what he's in fact done -- to not neglect Ground Zero redevelopment. That's not asking too much, right? But he blew it. Royally. Four years later, and what have we got down there? Exactly pea-shit.

That's inexcusable, frankly. But it's not too late for Pataki to redeem himself. Governor, please get behind this Trump plan and make it happen. You can do this. Not only that, but you owe it to us.


He's too focused on the Olympics.

Barry, I rarely disagree with you but believe me when I tell you that nobody ever though Pataki was presidential timber outside of Pataki who has been bored with his job since about 1998 according to my dear friend Dave who has has the misfortune of having to work with him during all these years.

He didn't do diddly during the 9/11 aftermath other than, as you said, hold Rudy's coat.

Warren G. Harding would have been more effective than that, for Pete's sake!

He is boring, indecisive and suffering from the Albany ague of being in that idiot town with the other two clowns who run everything Shelly Silver and Joe Bruno for too long.

Why the rest of the NYS assemblymen and senators bother to even show up is still beyond my comprehension as their views are irrelevant.

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