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London gets the Olympics

So I guess that's it, then. I guess I can't be disappointed by this. As someone who lives in the NYC metro area, I wasn't particularly looking forward to hosting the games, and I damn sure wasn't enamored of that stupid West Side stadium, so I didn't have much invested in this contest.

Still, it's hard not to feel a bit competitive at times like this. But in the best spirit of the games, we should strive to remember that it's not really important whether New York won or lost its bid to host the Olympics. What's really important is that France lost.


I don't like the West Side stadium idea either. Why do people think it's such a fantastic idea to plop a giant stadium in a super-populated area? And talk abotu your usage of Eminent Domain to free up the space! I hate the idea of that stadium, really. I think that the city is too small geographically, too riddled with traffic, to try something like that.

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