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Obligatory Plame leak post

Yeah yeah, I know I haven't posted much on this yet, but what am I going to say? I don't know who did it, but then again, neither do a lot of other people who claim to. What's behind this "Rove did it" meme? At the end of the day, it's the unsubstantiated talk-show allegations of one Lawrence O'Donnell, the hyperpartisan, anti-Bush zealot who suffered a complete nervous breakdown live on MSNBC last year, combined with a lot of wishful thinking on the Left.

Now I'm not saying Rove didn't leak the name, mind you, but if he did, I'd be surprised. And he owes Judith Miller a thank-you card for going to jail to cover his ass. By the way, do she and Cooper have different sources? One might presume so, since Cooper claims to have permission from his source to tell all.

I also can't get too worked up over journalists being compelled to testify in a criminal investigation. I know they like to think they're above that sort of thing, but they're not. My wife is a psychotherapist, and even in her profession, client confidentiality is not an absolute.

Anyway, it's all great political theater, and I'll be watching just like everyone else. It'll be keenly interesting to see how it all plays out.


It's hard to imagine that Rove would have been the source for one reason:

Both parent companies of the reporters would have broken tradition seeing a solid chance to bury the Bush re-election.

Their open contempt for Bush would have overridden such a triviality such as confidential sources.

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