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All stick and no carrot

True to my word, I barely glanced at a newspaper during my recent two-week vacation. I did, however, happen to catch some of the images from the forcible removal of Israeli settlers from Gaza.

Whatever you may think about the pullout (I'm personally torn) you'd have to admit that it was a bold move. Sharon expended an enormous (and likely fatal) amount of political capital to effect this extraordinary de-occupation.

Let's face it, if this forcible removal had been done to anyone other than Israelis it would be called "ethnic cleansing." So you would think, after all the angst and heartache and the upheaval of thousands of lives, that Israel, the big bad "occupier," would at least get a pat on the back or two, right? Maybe a "nice first step," or at least a qualified "attaboy" from its critics?

Guess not. The New York Times editorial on the subject (which I cannot link, as its already been archived and costs money) was little more than a carping bitch piece about how the Gaza pullout was wholly inadequate, and Israel needed to do much, much more.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Israel simply said, "Fuck it, we're tired of the hassle. We're going back to 1967 borders." What would the Israel-bashers find to complain about then? Most likely, they would begin to address the issue of Israel's very existence directly. At least then we'd get more honesty than we're accustomed to from the anti-Zionists.


agreed. If I were Israel, I'd now announce: No more! No more withdrawals. We've given up the Sinai, Gaza, West Bank...and still get shit on. No more land for peace. Let's see what the beautiful Palestinian people can do with their newfound real estate. Not much, I'd bet.

I am somewhat rusty on world history but I cannot recall when a country, victorious in war(s) had to give back all that it gained from said wars.

It amazes me that nobody seems to want to remind the Palestinians that they agreed to the following two actions:

To recognize Israel's legitimacy and to rescind those parts of the Palestinian National Covenant that call for Israel's violent destruction.

Geez, did I miss the implementation of either of these?

What a farce.

No, it probably won't bring the peace from the Palestinians, but at least they can be protected from the Pali's aggressions if they're out of Gaza. Build the wall to stop the suicide bombers and let the Pali's stew in their own myopia until they get their shit together (not holding breath).

One thing that can be said is that you can bet than in the near future, there will be calls of F*ck it from Israel ans Sharon. In any other country, it WOULD be political suicide, but Israel has that one vital ingridient: People who understand that the government is not the enemy, but the UN. I myself am a self-proclaimed zionist, and say that the Palestinians should be grateful for whatever they get, and I wonder why people aren't still celebrating Arafat's death.

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