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Bolton, finally

Did anyone else see Chris Dodd on TV this weekend? He had the chutzpah to oppose a Bolton recess appointment on the grounds that Bolton would be "damaged goods," since he lacks the support of the Senate.

Well, there's one problem with that. Bolton does enjoy the support of the Senate, which is precisely why Dodd and his crew refuse to allow a vote on the guy. You don't like Bolton? Think he's a terrible candidate? Fine, vote him down, and he'll go away. Permanently.

But no, that didn't happen, and now Bush has just installed Bolton via a recess appointment.

Democrats will no doubt cry foul and George Voinovich will probably cry, but you know what? If you refuse to even vote on the guy, you have no grounds to complain when the White House feels compelled to circumvent you. It's that simple.


Time for Bush to see their objections over the Bolton recess appointment and raise them John Roberts.

That letter? Was the dumbest thing ever. It was like a school yard fight with kids saying "I double dog dare you to cross that line" and of course the line is crossed and once the line is crossed, really, what's there to do?

Let's see: Bush 41 made 77 recess appointments, Clinton had 140 and Reagan 240. Bush is at about 110.

Jesus, you would think this was unconstitutional the way Dodd, Reid and Kennedy are wailing.

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