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Special election in Ohio today

Ever hear of Paul Hackett? If you're part of the Kos/MoveOn axis you certainly have. He's a lawyer and a veteran of the war in Iraq, and he's facing Republican Jean Schmidt in a special election today. The winner will represent Ohio's second congressional district in the House. Desperate for any electoral victory, no matter how meager, progressive activists nationwide have pumped billions of dollars into Hackett's coffers (okay, that's probably an exaggeration.)

Hackett is pro-gun, wants to finish the job in Iraq, and opposes the current system of financing Social Security. On paper, he is exactly the kind of Democrat I would consider supporting over the lackluster Ms. Schmidt. In fact, one might wonder why the progressives are so enamored of the guy.

Well that's easy! In the moonbat universe, street cred is earned not with your resume or positions on the issues, but by hurling inflammatory invective at the commander-in-chief. Hackett has some real doozies to his credit. He's said that president Bush is the greatest threat this country faces, and has referred to the president as that "sonofabitch that lives in the White House." The moonbat money poured in.

Now I can't imagine that such intemperate remarks won't hinder him in Ohio's second district, but the truth is that I haven't been following the election closely enough to predict its outcome.

I will predict one thing, however. If Hackett loses the race, it will remain an obscure special election in flyover country, of interest only to hardcore political addicts. But if he wins, you can count on the New York Times and other MSM outlets to suddenly "discover" Hackett. You'll see a series of breathless, swooning editorials and opinion pieces heralding a harbinger of a Democratic renaissance, a portent that the tides are turning, and "as Mariemont goes, so goes nation," and all that crap. Hell, they've probably got it written already.


Limbaugh was going off on this guy today with hilarious results.

Seems that Hackett has called W 'the most dangerous man in the world', has claimed he doesn't pay enough taxes and feels that Ohioans don't as well and claims the war was and still is wrong.

Ironically, his single ad running in Hamilton County a) doesn't include the above; b) doesn't mention that he is a Democrat and c) presents him as a law and order conservative type with a license to pack a concealed weapon.

If he wins and the Dems claim a trend for 2006, someone should ask them why he wouldn't even tell the voters what party he is from.

The man is a Mountebank.

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