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Like many of my fellow bloggers, I also write some fiction -- you know, stuff I actually edit and revise and think about for more than half a second before I dash it off. I often try to justify the daily discipline of blogging as keeping me "limber" and in the habit of writing. The truth is, I sometimes think it's actually more of a distraction than anything else.

But I'll leave that as an open question. I merely bring it up because once a year during the summer I usually try to get away from everything and focus on producing something a little less ephemeral (cool "writer" word, huh?) Long story short, I'm going to Maine for two weeks, starting today. That probably means I won't be posting here, but CRB (hopefully) may.

Take care, all. See y'all when I get back.




Been tinkering with something m'self, actually, and will be focusing on it for the next ten days as well.

Good luck to you on your own endeavor, hope to see more from you again soon :)

I'm looking forward to the latest installment of your Harry Potter slash fanfic.

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