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Standing up to NARAL

I'll be a bit more blunt (but only a bit) than FactCheck.org and say that NARAL's anti-Roberts attack ad is a vile, malicious, libelous lie. Predictably, conservative groups and Roberts' defenders have come out swinging against this slander, but what I want to know is where is the rest of the pro-choice community? Why aren't decent and well-meaning people in the abortion rights camp stepping up to distance themselves from this kind of filth? Is stopping Roberts at all costs really worth discrediting their entire cause? Are they really going to allow NARAL to wreak such violence on their reputation without a word of protest?


NARAL withdrew the ad.

"We regret that many people have misconstrued our recent advertisement about Mr. Roberts' record," said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America

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