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Why does everything have to taste and smell good these days? Am I the only one who still wished Listerine tasted like, well, Listerine? If I'd wanted to buy Scope, I'd have bought Scope. And what's wrong with Off smelling like insect repellent instead of baby powder?!


BIG complaint of mine. WHY would you want bleach or bug spray that smelled good? The bad smell was a blessing....no one would want to breathe that stuff, it almost guaranteed using it in a well-ventilated area. Now, however, you've got dimwits who don't give it a second thought....and look for a lawyer afterward. Don't get me started on the scented markers...the ones that still say "do not inhale." Who on earth came up with THAT bright idea? "Here kids, have some scented markers! Don't inhale!" And half an hour later you go to see why the kids are so quiet and there they are, passed out on the floor!

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