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The Novak walkout

Heh, since everyone else is linking to it, I might as well too. It was definitely the most interesting thing I'd seen on CNN in years. It cracked me up, but it was still pretty unprofessional on Novak's part. Besides, what if everyone stalked off the set every time Carville was being an asshole? There'd be no more Sunday morning TV.


Novak is on edge these days.

He wrote a column about the Plame affair this week despite advice of counsel because he felt he had been defamed by a CIA guy.

Now this.

I think Bob needs to take a break but that's not his style.

I was surprised by Novak's response as I've always thought he was amazingly cool in the face of obnoxious behavior on Crossfire and that other roundtable (Face the Nation?) with Mark Shields and all hi liberal buddies.

That said, James Carville is one of the biggest assholes to walk the face of the earth. I'm glad he represents the Democrats. What a slimey, nasty little man.

Bob should've stayed and creatively explained how CNN has obsoleted itself with it's snarfy fresh-baby anchors, irrelevant political talk shows, and hack reporting."This is bullshit" is nicely terse summarization, though. Too bad no one saw the show until it got widely reported.

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