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Two not-quite scandals

For those wondering why I haven't yet commented on the Air America scandal, well, it's because I don't find it particularly scandalous. Not in a politically interesting way, at least.

The real scandal seems to be with the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club rather than Air America. What the hell are they doing financing left-wing radio with money that was intended to help underprivileged kids?

Michelle Malkin and others would no doubt disagree, but I don't think there are any partisan points to be scored here -- not based on what we know so far, anyway. Granted, if the situation were reversed and it was right-wing radio that was mired in a financing scandal, the lefty bloggers would be all over it like a pit bull on a pot roast. Still, that's not the criterion I like to use in determining what to blog about.

In a similarly not-quite-scandalous vein, the New York Times is reporting on a $470,000 "loan" that New Jersey Senator John Corzine gave to his then-girlfriend to buy a house. I use the word "loan" in quotations, because he promptly forgave the debt and paid the gift taxes due.

So why was this even worthy of reporting? Because Corzine's "girlfriend" was Carla Katz, who in addition to being a babe is also the head of one of the largest unions of state employees.

This is a bit of a gray area. Although I'm sure it's going to prove a bit of an embarrassment for Corzine in his gubernatorial campaign, it's fairly clear that no laws were broken. Had Corzine already been governor at the time of the loan, I'd say that yes, there would have been a clear conflict of interest. But that's not the case, of course, and moreover, the pair are no longer an item. I think it would be mistake for the Forrester campaign to make too big an issue over this.